The t-shirts that we sell are, as best as we can figure, the most environmentally gentle new t-shirts available in the USA. They are made from unbleached organic cotton grown and ginned in Texas, spun and knit in the Carolinas, and sewn and printed (with water-based ink) in Missouri.

They are mailed out in the world’s most sustainable poly mailer—made with 100% recycled content, 50% post-consumer content, with a reusable tear strip and recyclable in thin-film bins. 

We only printed one thousand of these t-shirts. So, stock up quick! 

Our main activity is weekly audio updates from around the world, but we have much more planned. Some of those things will generate income that can be used to subsidize those things that can’t generate as much as they cost, perhaps via a partisanship model.

Right now, the only thing we get revenue from is the sales of t-shirts and buying them is the best way to support us.  These t-shirts are lovely, the supply chain is so clear, and the environmental impact is so gentle. Soon we hope to offer more stuff. 

A portion of the sales will help us put out our updates. And as always, we will not take out any profit but reinvest all proceeds into our mission. So thanks!

Interested in our t-shirt?