Mobile phones are convenient but they have shortened our attention spans. They are designed to keep us scrolling and culling data from us. They do that well. They are designed to prevent us from concentrating on reading text.

Ourzines are a way to get text onto paper, in a way that is convenient to carry, read, keep, and pass on. They can have up to about 16,000 words, and because they are on paper they have no links, no ads, no rabbit holes, nothing but what you have decided to read, what you want somebody else to read, or what somebody wants you to read.

Our online tool makes it very easy to paste whatever text you want to generate an Ourzine, to print or send to somebody to print. We are working on ways to make original Ourzines available to the public.

The beta version of the software for creating an Ourzine is ready!

To make one yourself, all you need is access to a duplex printer (that will print on both sides of the sheet), then click on https://ourzinebeta.rorshok.com/worksheet and sign in and set up an account, password etc, just as you would for anything.

It works well in Chrome, Safari, and Edge, but it does not work well in Firefox. We are working with Firefox to solve that problem. On a laptop or desktop (not a mobile for now) paste text up to about 16,000 words depending on spacing. You can put in any text you want, a bunch of essays, poems, articles, something original, anything you want to read, or that you want somebody else to read. You can put in a title and subtitle at any point. Make some parts bold and italic if you want. Choose a small, medium, or big font. Be sure there are sixty pages or fewer before you print, if you have more than sixty pages, you will get an error message.

When you’re ready, hit the print icon. The Ourzine PDF should download on your computer.

Then print on a duplex printer. Don’t forget when you print to print on both sides, that’s the whole point!

Up to eight sheets will come out of the printer in the correct order, so don’t take them out as they print, wait until all sheets have finished printing.

Then cut the pages in half horizontally. Much better if you can do this with a paper cutter all at once. But if not, you can fold each page in half and cut along the fold with scissors. Then put the half with the title on top of the other half. If you have a long-reach stapler you can staple them. A regular stapler won’t work. Or you can make three or four holes with a nail and sew it with dental floss, or just fold it in half and leave the pages loose, that works fine as well. We don’t yet have a video on this but will get one soon, let us know if you’d like us to send it to you when we have it.

And now you have made your first Ourzine. Please let us know how it looks, what you think, and how this worked for you. Any ideas about what this could do in your life or the world? Or practical things that would make it better? Let us know at info@rorshok.com!

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