Rorshok as an organization is not profit-seeking, but no organization runs without incurring costs. To cover the expenses of running the organization, we need ways to generate revenue so as to keep the organization going.

There are a number of ways you can give us a hand:



Right now, the only thing we get revenue from is the sales of t-shirts  and buying them is the best way to support us.  These t-shirts are lovely, the supply chain is so clear, and the environmental impact is so gentle. Soon we hope to offer more stuff. 

A portion of the sales will help us put out our updates. And as always, we will not take out any profit but reinvest all proceeds into our mission. So thanks!



Be rest assured that any amount donated to our cause is worthwhile and worth it. it will help us run without having to worry about how to cover our costs. You can donate via our Paypal



If you want to join or participate in any way, email us at



Do you basically think this whole thing might be interesting, but aren’t sure if or how you may want to connect with this effort? We would love to hear your Ideas and Questions.

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