Working at Rorshok means connecting people with where they live and with each other.

Rorshok connects migrants and expatriates with each other and around the world to places in which they live. 

Each week Rorshok produces brief (ten minutes) English language audio updates for different countries. The updates are unique. Although in English, they are from the point of view of that country. They are brief and informal and cover the big things that people are focused on there.

If you are interested in becoming a scriptwriter for any of our upcoming updates, take a look at the qualifications and send an email to with the title “Scriptwriter application” to receive further information.

Your Qualifications and Experience:

  • You are based in and from or you have been living there for more than 5 years and speak the national language fluently.
  • You are a native or near-native English speaker and writer.
  • You are an experienced writer or a current Journalism student or about to graduate. 
  • You know how to work collectively on a Google Doc
  • You are well organized and able to follow a weekly strict timetable.
  • You likely already follow the news, culture, and current events. 
  • You are open to coaching sessions with our editor-in-chief if needed