Georgia Writer

Rorshok connects migrants and expatriates with each other and around the world to places in which they live. We are looking for a NEWS WRITER for a weekly podcast for migrants in Georgia.

Your Qualifications and Experience:

  •     You are based in and from Georgia or have been based there for many years.
  •     You are a native or near-native English speaker and writer.
  •     You may be a current Journalism student or about to graduate.
  •     You could also be an experienced writer.
  •     Know how to work collectively on a google doc
  •     You can write a 1300-word Google doc each week and submit it every week and do two revisions a week according to our editor’s notes in a timely manner (according to what has been agreed on)
  •     The piece should include issues or things that happened in or relevant to Georgia each week for the seven preceding days. It should include those which are newsworthy and/or things that people are talking about.
  •     You are well organized and able to follow a strict timetable.
  •     You likely already follow the news, culture, and current events. 
  •     Be open to coaching sessions with our editor-in-chief if needed

Job details.

The article should include events that took place during the week before the deadline. It should include newsworthy information and things that people are talking about which could be interesting and relevant to expatriates in Georgia.

Our comprehensive and continuously updated Guideline for Writers will provide you with the specifics and will help you achieve the Rorshok writing style. You will have access to it and be notified in the case that any major changes are made.


These deadlines are weekly commitments. Some exceptions might be made when setting up the times as long as we approve them beforehand.


1st deadline:

On Tuesdays you will upload to Google Drive a first draft with the events from the previous Thursday up to date (around 60% of the total work) before noon GMT+0. Afterward, the chief editor will make notes and comments.

2nd deadline:

You’ll have from Tuesday 8pm GMT+0 till Wednesday noon GMT+0 to revise and edit the script according to the editor’s notes and also add or update stories. (By now the script should be almost 100% done). After you’re done, there’ll be a second revision by the editor and management

3rd deadline:

You’ll have from Wednesday 8pm GMT+0 till Thursday noon GMT+0 to finish the script, update the stories and make your final edits. Include the summary and any relevant pronunciation comments.

        When you make an update, add a story, or delete one, make sure you tag your editor or add a note so that they know where the new information is. 

      You are expected to be available for contact via Whatsapp or email in case the editor needs to ask you something. 


Our editor will be in contact with you weekly providing feedback in Google Docs as well as personalized messages through Whatsapp or email. Also, you will be asked to join at least one writing coaching session to help you out to achieve the Rorshok writing style.

Termination of Agreement.

Either party should provide a thirty-day notice prior to the termination of this agreement. 

If the writer cannot comply with a previously agreed deadline or needs to have it changed, timely notification should be given to a Rorshok representative.


You will be paid US$30 per article. Payment of services will be sent on the first week of the month either by Paypal, Payoneer, or any similar service.